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New Product Of Plastic Fule Tank For Hot Sale

Product Name: Rotomolded Plastic Fuel Tank.

Model: Rotaional Moulding.

Materials: XLHDPE Crosslinked Polyethylene (Complete replacement ICORENE 1505)

Capacity: 240 Liters/480 Liters.

App: For Diesel/ Kerosene/AdBlue etc.

Dimensions:870*575*666 mm (240Liter).

Voltage: 12V/24V

Rated Power: 0.21HP/155W

Rated Current: 22 amps

Speed Range: 3000rpm

Flow Rate: Up to 55L/min

Max Suction: 3m

Lift Distance: 6m

Rated Torqueuction: 300w

No-load Speed: 4200rpm

Inlet/ Outlet port fitting: 1″

3/4″ automatic nozzle

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