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Crosslinked Polyethylene For Corrosion Resistant Metal Rotoling Pipe

Test date:18th/November/2019                                Test Place: QINGDAO SUNSOAR TECH. CO., LTD.

Material:  Highly adhesion crosslink polyethylene  XLHA-1008 

Iron ordinary pipe

Rotational equipment

Process Molding :Roto lining /Rotational molding

Testing purposes:Verify the materials adhesion properties and corrosion resistance.

Test Results:good quality


  • Can be seen through the picture: the material is well integrated with the metal body。
  • Excellent material processability
  • Material processing window is long and stable
  • The high corrosion resistance of XLPE has new application fields for Metal corrosion resistant lining.
  • Application field:Chemical pipeline/Oil and gas pipeline/Corrosion resistant pipe.

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