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The Test Run Of The 20th Production Line Of Rotomolding Polyethylene Is Completed

With the rapid growth of customer demand for rotomolding materials, especially rotomolding cross-linked polyethylene used for rotomolding fuel tanks.

The 20th rotomolding material production line added by our company completed the trial run and successfully put into production.

Main rotomolding material products:

This production line is mainly used for the production of natural-color rotomolding cross-linked polyethylene to avoid color mixing or shutdown cleaning issues when shared with other production lines.

Provide production efficiency while ensuring product quality.

Production line composition:

The production line adopts independent grinding unit, mixing unit, twin screw unit, granulation unit and other units to ensure product quality.

The production line can modify various properties of rotomolded polyethylene, such as anti-UV, anti-static, etc.

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