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SUNSOAR TECH. representing our wide range of materials for rotomolding and technical powders. SUNSOAR TECH. powders are available in natural, black, standard colours, custom compounded colours and specialty stone and speckle effects.  For more demanding applications, SUNSOAR TECH. supplies High Performance Hexene powders that can outperform butene based LLDPE.

SUNSOAR TECH. supplies other specific polyolefin powder products that fullfill the demands of certain roto products, these include:

■XLPE: High Density PE with X linking agents for extended flex fatigue resistance, higher vicat and ultra-low temperature toughness.

■Flexible PE grades that shrink less than standard PE and react differently to external stress.

■High Stiffness PE grades with impact modifiers for a combination of toughness and rigidity.

■Speciality grades are available for demanding applications in all regions.

For normal production we can supply Linear Low Density Polyethylene grades.  Low density  Polyethylene grades can be used to manufacture a wide range of typical rotomoldings such as tanks, drums, bins, pipe connectors, access chambers, lids, boats and more.

Our Products



With a core competency and rich experience in rotomoulding production, we strive to look beyond the commodity market to design and create rotomoulding materials that give our customers an advantage and set them apart in their marketplace.

Our new materials line of products encompasses a group of Modified polyethylene and Crosslink poly-ethylene for rotomoulding. Our products are specially formulated to provide full materials and tech for rotomoulding with a variety of polyethylene materials allowing for ultimate versatility. As the full line supplier of materials rotomoulding technology developed specifically for polyethylene production, we truly under-stand the building blocks of polymer design. The result is products that are less sensitive to the many variables that can affect rotomoulding, providing our customers greater consistency.

Our website address is: https://rotomoldingtech.com/