Sunsoar XLSC-SA800 is a crosslinkable black polyethylene compound, specially designed for semiconductive strippable insulation shield of power cables.

It is intended for semiconductive strippable insulation shield in medium voltage (MV) AC

cables with rated voltages up to 35 kV.

The values are voltages between phases as defined in ICEA S-94-649.

Material Status•Commercial: Active•Generic Symbol: XLPE
Availability•Applicable To All Areas
Additive•UV Stabilizer•Antistatic
Features•Crosslinkable•Good Processability
•High Impact Resistance•UV Resistant
•Low Warpage•Ultra High toughness
•High Flow•Abrasion Resistant
•High Rigidity•High ESCR
Uses•Semiconductive strippable insulation•Medium Voltage (MV) AC
Processing Method•Extrusion
•UV Resistant