Sunsoar XLSC –800 is a Silane cross linkable polyethylene insulation for cables.

The silane cross linkable polyethylene insulation material (one-step method) for overhead cables produced by our company

adopts advanced production technology.

Compared with traditional warm water crosslinked polyethylene, it can crosslink under natural conditions.

It does not require the addition of any other catalysts and auxiliaries (except carbon black and color masterbatches).

Make production operations easier.

It has good dielectric properties, resistance to environmental stress cracking and heat resistance, as well as good physical

and mechanical properties, such as tensile and bending resistance. It is suitable for overhead insulated power cables of

10KV and below.

Material Status•Commercial: Active•Generic Symbol: XLPE
Availability•Applicable To All Areas
Additive•UV Stabilizer•Antistatic
Features•Crosslinkable•Good Processability
•High Impact Resistance•UV Resistant
•Low Warpage•Ultra High toughness
•High Flow•Abrasion Resistant
•High Rigidity•High ESCR
Uses•Overhead Cables•Cables
•10KV and below
Processing Method•Rotational Molding
•UV Resistant