Sunsoar XLHA –1008 is a crosslink Ultra-high steel-plastic adhesion polyethylene specifically for Lining rotational moulding and Coating &spraying.It’s glass reinforced thermoplastics.

This grade is particularly suitable for use in applications requiring exceptional steel adhesion and Low  shrinkage deformation, toughness and excellent ESCR such as Steel-lined plastic products and dip coating.

The original cross linking system used allows a perfect moulding of the part free of Pinholes.

Sunsoar XLHA-1008 is SGS and FDA approved.

Material Status•Commercial: Active•Generic Symbol: XLPE
Availability•Applicable To All Areas
Additive•UV Stabilizer•Antistatic


•Crosslinkable•Good Processability
•High Impact Resistance•Ultra-high steel-plastic adhesion
•Low Warpage•Ultra High toughness
•High Flow•Excellent temperature resistance
•Outstanding environmental stress cracking•High ESCR


•Industrial Containers •Chemical Containers•Tanks •Fuel Tanks •Septic Tanks
•Water Sports Equipment•Military transport Containers •Drop Containers
•Marine Equipment •Sailing Boats •kayaks•Steel Lined Container •Steel Lined Pipe
•Outdoor Equipment•Buried container & pipe
Processing Method•Rotational Molding                     •Coating                                •spraying


•UV Resistant