Sunsoar XLFR-6 is a crosslink rigid foam specifically formulated for rotomoulding.It’s low weight reinforced and glass reinforced thermoplastics. This grade is a high performance and a easy to use polyethylene foam for the rotomoulding industry. It features an excellent foam expansion uniformity.

Sunsoar XLFR-6 can be used in many applications in combination with other materials products for creating stiff, lightweight two or three layer structures such as insulation container and vehicle lightweight accessories etc.

Sunsoar XLFR-6 is SGS and FDA approved.

Material Status•Commercial: Active•Generic Symbol: XLPE
Availability•Applicable To All Areas
Additive•UV Stabilizer•Antistatic


•Crosslinkable•Good Processability
•Foamable• High Impact Strength
•High Rigidity•High Compressive Strength
•High Thermal Resistance•High Thermal and Noise Insulation


•Intermediate layer for military container•Plastic Furniture
•Water Sports Equipment•Military transport Containers •Drop Containers
•Intermediate layer for assault boat•Float Bowl
•Outdoor Equipment•Buried container & pipe
Processing Method•Rotational Molding


•UV Resistant